Renée Sanders Owner New Standard

After noticing how many high-end make-up brands still test on animals, Renée thought “This has to change!” That’s when she had the dream to change the make-up industry. She started with the research and development of high-quality make-up products which are 100 percent cruelty free.

And that is how her dream became reality and she started her own make-up brand New Standard.

Her vision with New Standard is to create 100 percent cruelty free make-up of high quality which makes you feel luxurious. Besides that she wants to inform make-up consumers about the animal cruelty that is still very common. All of this contributes to the ultimate goal to become the New Standard in beauty with her make-up brand.

She believes it’s important for everyone to understand what goes on behind the scenes in the cosmetics industry, and with New Standard she is forever committed to serve the world with cruelty free make-up.


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