Tapered Powder Brush

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This makeup brush is a large powder brush which is ideal for applying powder to the face.
This makeup brush is also used for polishing concealer and foundation.

The brushes from New Standard are all handmade and checked to perfection. The materials are of the highest quality and the hair is silky soft to provide a perfect make-up application.


This luxury brush from New Standard is made of goat hair and specially developed to apply cream and powder products evenly on the skin for an HD effect. The hair feels silky soft and has a high durability. The hairs are antibacterial and hypoallergenic.

Solid wooden handle finished with a matte black lacquer.

Ferrule :
Aluminum finished in a silver color.

To guarantee optimal life and hygiene of your brushes, the brushes should be cleaned weekly.
- Lukewarm water
- Shampoo or brush cleanser
Dry your brushes upside down so that moisture cannot get to the glue layers of the hair.


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